Pack detail Available in packs of 3 or 6

    For Kittens, Small Cats & Ferrets
    up to 4 kg

Includes both imidacloprid (100g/L) and moxidectin (10g/L) :

  • One application lasts a month
  • Treatment and prevention of fleas including larval stages in the surroundings
  • The prevention of heartworm

Monthly spot-on for the treatment and prevention of

Why Moxiclear is the right choice for you


Fast acting, effective & comprehensive parasite protection

Quality formulation for better value

Recommended by vets

Easy to use, water-resistant monthly spot on


How to use

  • 1 Remove the tube (pipette) from the outer sachet using scissors or fold along diagonal line to expose nick; tear back at nick.
  • 2 Hold the tube (pipette) upright.
  • 3 Tap the narrow part of the tube (pipette) to ensure the contents remain within the main body of the tube (pipette).
  • 4 Twist or snap back the tip.
  • 5Site of application.
    Apply on the back of the head.
  • 6The animal should be standing for easy application. Remove any collar prior to application and replace when product is dry. Part the hair until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube (pipette) on the skin and squeeze the tube (pipette) firmly twice to apply the solution directly on the skin. Avoid pet’s eyes or mouth.
  • 7Record treatment date and repeat monthly or as directed. MOXICLEAR remains efficacious following shampoo treatment, swimming or exposure to rain. If washing animal during use of this product use a soap free shampoo.
  • 8 Occasionally hair loss may occur at the application site. This is usually a single occurrence and hair will grow back uneventfully.